Ice Dogs

Terry Lynn Johnson

Characters in Ice Dogs:

Victoria - Victoria is the main character in Ice Dogs. She is a musher, trying to find her way after her dad died.

Chris - Chris is a city boy who recently moved to Alaska.

Summary of Ice Dogs:

Victoria goes sledding one night with her dogs. A few hours later, she relizes she is lost. She trys to find her way home.

She sees a boy lieing in the snow.

She sees that he has a head ingery.

When he wakes up he tells her that his name is Chris, and that he crashed his snow mobile.

They must try to get out of the woods and find their way home, but food for them and the dogs is running out.

They are lost in the woods for days before they find a cabin with food and a fireplace to warm up.

Just as thing are looking up,the sled falls through a frozen lake, and both Victoria and Chris swept under the icy water.

Losing hope of ever getting home, they fight the hypothermia and trudge on, when finally they are recued.

They are taken to the hospital with frost bite and hypothermia. Then finally brought home to see their friends and family.

Setting of Ice Dogs:

Ice Dogs takes place in Alaska.